Keep your eye on the ball!

This past weekend I played softball for the first time in 45 years! What’s really amazing about that is: after my hubby found me a glove and played catch to warm me up, I proceeded to go to right field and … get this … CATCH the only two fly balls that came my way! Really, I did! I also made contact with the ball at the plate – twice! While the team would have been better off if I’d let myself get walked, I actually hit the ball and ran! Crazy amazing!

And … like most everything in life, a lesson can be found. Here’s today’s lesson:

Keep your eye on the ball!

Whether the ball is a softball, a hardball, a task, a goal, a dream … focus is important. On the softball diamond, looking at the ground while in pursuit of the ball or looking ahead to where you’ll throw it before securing that fly ball in the glove is a recipe for failure.

Our dreams, especially the big ones, may not be in our mind 100% of the time, with every daily task and interaction. Yet, daily reminders, daily visioning, daily focus on the dream in order to discern today’s step forward will help insure the dream’s unfolding.

What dream are you moving toward?
What helps you “keep your eye on the ball”?
What step will you take today?

What is YOUR wisdom?