Into Action … or not!

One intention for each coaching session is to find a place of resonance within, touch a “chord” or deep truth, discover passion or a strong desire for shift. The action steps which emerge from this place will ground and deepen this awareness – and move you forward in life. Yet, despite your strong commitment in the moment to taking action, sometimes you don’t! The beauty is: there is tremendous learning from actions completed – and not! Take a moment. Call to mind a commitment you’ve recently made to yourself where you’ve dropped the ball or you are hanging out in avoidance.

What do you notice?
What self-judgment exists?
What part of the action scares you?
What was the action in service of?
What is the deeper truth?

From this place, soak in the learning and draw closure. Let it go or consider a rewrite.

What action is called for now?

What is YOUR wisdom?