Just for me … continued

Yesterday’s post:

Just for me …

ended with:

Is it okay to do something “just for me”?
What can make this register as “okay” in my brain?
What if it isn’t a question for my brain?


Today, returning to those questions, my heart – and my soul – immediately knew what I needed to hear. It isn’t a new message, rather one I obviously have a hard time remembering! But for this moment, I remember and I’d like to share it with you. As always, take what you like, make it your own and leave the rest!

We – you, me and every other being on planet Earth – even Mother Earth herself – we are one. We are united, interconnected. We are not separate beings. We are Spirit-God-Source-Universe manifest as me, as you, as tree, as mountain lion. We are this thing called Life.

If that is true – if I believe it to be true (and I do) – then:

Just for ME == Just for WE

What I do to me, for me, as me impacts the greater WE. If I do something nice for me, WE benefit. If I do something ill toward me, if I treat my body or mind or heart poorly, WE are pained.

If this message holds truth, then it is important that each of us practice conscious and respectful Just for me sometimes.

What would a little “just for me” look like today?

What is YOUR wisdom?