Just this …

Reading from the book, The Call, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer:

… The task is to just pack the box or just type these words or just speak to the service person on the phone in this moment, all the while keeping one part of my attention on the spacious stillness within. …

Just this. No multitasking, trying to do three things at one. Yes, you know. You talk on the phone, fold laundry, and respond to the question from a family member that is being mouthed to you so as not to disturb your phone call. Really????

I’ve done it — many times. Yet when I practice single-tasking, just this, I am more open, connected, at ease. I feel the spacious stillness that Oriah wrote about. I am present and have so much more available to the task or the creation or the person who sits across from me.

Today, give yourself the gift of just this. Notice what tries to steal you away from the practice: thoughts, plans, fears, worries, unfinished business. Notice and set them aside – over and over and over as needed! Come back to just this.

What is the impact of just this?

What is YOUR wisdom?