What if it’s just a mirage?

I woke up after disturbed sleep and noticed depression, confusion and busy brain in my being. I selected a card to guide my inner connection time:


The first thing I noticed was that there was a new chapter, new life, something more “around the bend”. This was both something to look forward to and something I couldn’t yet see.  How could I get *there* with my mental state blocking my view?

When I turned the card over, my eyes settled on this question:

What is just a mirage?

What if the current stream of thought, the current feeling of depression was just a mirage? If so, then it doesn’t really exist! What would I do, how would I proceed, if it wasn’t there?

And in that instant, I was free. I was free to choose to move forward in this day rather than deal with the depression or figure out what was wrong. And here I am, writing to you!

What about you:

What seems to be blocking your next move?
What if it is just a mirage?

What is truly possible right now?

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What is YOUR wisdom?