Land of the Free

Here in the United States, a celebration of our nation’s freedom is around the corner. I’ve paused often lately to remember and appreciate how free I really am. It is a gift to have been born into the “home of the free” and for me, into the white middle-class, a gift I don’t want to take for granted.

Yet, there is another type of freedom – or bondage – that human beings inflict on themselves. How free are you to live in integrity, to feel your feelings, to expand into your fullest and finest self-expression? How free do you believe you are? How free do you allow yourself to be? And, how, by your attitude, words and actions, do you free or imprison others? Do you allow your loved ones, your friends and colleagues, to be themselves? Do you treat others with respect and free them in your mind to be who they are? For a few additional questions around freedom and imprisonment, check out:



What is YOUR wisdom?