The Night Sky


Have you ever paused to be with the sky at sunset? When I pause for just a minute, what I notice most is how quickly it changes. Blink and I miss something! The same thing is true with a baby, yes? Turn around, let a week pass by, and that infant has visibly changed!

Hear this: the same is true for you and everyone you know. Each of us is as ever-changing as the night sky and the baby. The difference is, we don’t hold this truth in our awareness or feel its power. Take a moment. Breathe. Who you were yesterday, last week, last year, is so very different from you in this moment: your thoughts, the cells in your body, your emotions. Maybe the folks around you at work and home are the same folks as last year – maybe not. But you are different. They are different. So I ask:

Do you expect “same”?
Do you allow yourself to grow and change?
Do you allow others to grow and change?

If you believed that you and others are as ever-changing as the night sky:

What would be possible?
What would you see when you looked in the mirror?
How might your relationships expand?

What is YOUR wisdom?