Left-Brain Dominance …

Intuition is blocked by left-brain dominance.
Dr. Bob Nozik

Very high resolution 3d rendering of an human brain.

I read this quote and my insides went OMG! Yes! Makes so much sense. You see, I spent my childhood trying to achieve excellence in school. I spent 30 years working in a very detail-oriented job. In other words, my left-brain has been used, developed, celebrated! Even my right-brain creativity as musician and artist has been strongly controlled by left-brain perfectionism.

Intuition? Well, it is coming alive as I invite my thinking left-brain to pause.

Why does it matter?

Messages from our intuition are powerful! The intuition sees with all our senses – including the so-called sixth sense. The information we receive when we listen with our entire being and we listen to all that is within and around us is so much more complete than our tiny left-brain can fathom.

Now, this is not a put-down to our left-brain. It is simply a reminder that that left-brain, the thinking part of our being, is just one source, potentially a very intelligent and knowing source. Sometimes, it is the right and perfect tool for the task at hand.

Sometimes, it isn’t.

If you, like me, have focused strongly on left-brain knowing, consider the gift of developing the rest of your intelligence. Give your left-brain a rest. Try a daily practice that could include one of these:

  • meditation
  • play
  • whole body movement
  • time in nature
  • sitting still and observing with soft focus

Then, as you move in your life, go just a little bit slower. Notice messages from your body, your heart, the world around you.

What is your intuition telling you now?


2 Replies to “Left-Brain Dominance …”

  1. This is very timely as I just spent today going through many details as part of a job that is very left brain driven. My right brain often gets stifled in this environment so I need to remember to focus on the techniques that can engage my right brain. Thanks for theverything relatable post!

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