Infinite Possibility!

I selected this card at random today.


Infinite Possibilities coaching card

Its questions pointed me toward infinite possibility from several perspectives. Here are just a few:

What illuminates your vision?
What distorts the view?
In what ways do you refuse to change?
Where are you out of resonance?
How do you embrace unlimited?
What future is worth creating?
What future is here now?

I am struck by the questions about the future as I’ve spent many years with “one day at a time” and “be present now” and “just this”. I wouldn’t trade those for anything! Yet, today I wonder: What is the future I desire, the future worth creating, the future I want for generations to come? I am creating that future with every action I take today. So are you. There is a very wise saying:

Today is merely the sum of past choices

So today is yesterday’s future, yes? Take some time with the questions above. Get clear on the future you want to live into. Dare to acknowledge where you are holding back, out of resonance, resistant to change and, therefore, blocking the very future you desire. Then, take action!

What bold steps will you take today toward Infinite Possibility?

What is YOUR wisdom?