Lesson from Oz

While there are many things to learn from The Wizard of Oz, I’d like to invite you into just one for today. Do you remember Miss Gulch, the bicycle riding, mean, old hag? She had every intention of confiscating Dorothy’s dog, Toto, and had the “rules of the law” to support her. This, of course, crushed Dorothy.

Now think about Dorothy’s dog, Toto. I see childlike energy and determination, ignoring the rules, and “going after life”! And Dorothy had every intention of keeping Toto close to her chest at all times.

What voice in you sounds like Miss Gulch?
What inner voice is that of Toto?
What power have you given to Miss Gulch?
How does your inner Toto energize you?
What helps you embrace, engage with, expand, and celebrate your inner Toto?

What is YOUR wisdom?