Let Down, Let Be, Be Still

Today’s simple thought was inspired by the guided meditation, Let Down and Let Be, offered by the sacred teacher, Mukti. You can read about her at Adyashanti.org.


Let down, let be, be still.

The energy, the substance, the source of all life simply is. It is ever-present, ever-available and is that from which all visible life manifests. Stilling ourselves – body, will, mind, thought, emotion – and resting in pure awareness of substance, of life, is gentle power. Here , when we let down our defenses, let be all else, and be still, all is well. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, no need to figure anything out. Just be. Just notice any forms of energy, block, holding on and allow each to pass through as you return to stillness.

If you have never allowed yourself the gift of deep stillness, perhaps now is your moment. The only way to know how it will impact you, personally, is to experience it.

What do you notice in the stillness?
What do you notice on the way to stillness?
What does this gentle power offer you?

What is YOUR wisdom?