The WE Effect

How often do your words sound like:

  • I am afraid …
  • I don’t want to …
  • I can’t …
  • I did …
  • I want …

What would happen if you replaced “I” with “WE”?

First, take a look at “WE”:

  • (W)onder (E)verywhere
  • (W)isdom (E)volving
  • (W)oven (E)nergy

Truly we never do anything alone, do we? Take a look around and find something in your personal space that you did without assistance from anyone’s time, ideas, help. The computer I am typing on, the software I am using, the chair that supports me, the ideas that I share … all have come from or been inspired by other inspired human beings.

When I acknowledge the WE that I am ever connected to, I find:

  • I am afraid … WE are less afraid or perhaps even not afraid!
  • I don’t want to … WE see value beyond my little “I”
  • I can’t … WE can do so much more together!
  • I did … “WE did” brings humility and connection
  • I want … WE often want less and usually want what serves the greater whole

What power would the WE Effect have for you?

What is YOUR wisdom?