Locked out!


This morning I woke early and took my first cup of coffee to the front porch. The stillness was sacred. The quiet broken only by the wings of the hummingbird arriving at the feeder. Ah!

Then it was time to go back inside. I tried the lock. No luck. Locked out at 5:20 am in my pajamas! The spare key? Tried it. No go.

Thankfully, my hubby wakes easily when strange women speak through the bedroom windows! He let me in – then tried that spare key again. Of course if worked! “You just have to jiggle and wiggle a bit.” So I wonder, what is the lesson here?

How often have I felt locked out and too quickly abandoned the goal?
What would “jiggle and wiggle” have looked like in those instances?
What has me quitting too soon?

How about you?

What project, what habit, what desire have you given up on?
What is your needed jiggle?
What would get you iggling?

What is YOUR wisdom?