Mind Pollution

From the book, The Yamas & Niyamas, by Deborah Adele, we read:

“Yogiraj Achala tells the story about taking his young son to the Mississippi River. The son, looking into the river, asked his dad if the river was polluted. Yogiraj responded that no, the river is only carrying the pollution, the river itself is pure. Our minds are like the river carrying things in it. If we identify with what the mind is carrying – thoughts, stories, beliefs – then we will think we are those things.”

Tomorrow is July 4th, the day Americans celebrate freedom. Take a moment. Breathe in deeply. Let it go. Continue to breathe long, slow, full breaths. As you do, take the spectator seat near your mind. Notice:

What thoughts, stories, beliefs chain you down?

You are not any of these. You are not your thoughts, stories or beliefs. You are the spectator, the one who chooses (consciously or unconsciously) what will fill (or clutter) your mind.

What will you release?
What new ideas free you?
What will you choose?

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