Release Expectation – Embrace Expectancy!

What do you hear in the word “expectation”? When you expect something from another or from life, what do you notice in your being? What happens when those expectations are dashed?

Now, switch gears for a minute. Replace “expectation” with “expectancy, abundant expectancy“. What is the energy now?

Here’s where I go with these two:

Expectations that I have for myself or another person or for the situation feel limiting. I notice tension as I wait to see if what I want, what I expect, will happen. There is smallness here as laser focus sees only “this” and “these options”. I am trapped in my version of how life should unfold. I have put a box around you and how I want you to be. Often, sadly, I expect the worst.

Abundant Expectancy, on the other hand, feels open and exciting. I am in a state of not knowing, but ever so curious about what is possible. From a place of abundant expectancy, I am ever looking for the good and allowing “you” or the situation to grow. ┬áHope and positivity are ever present here. There is often a smile on my face and always a smile on my heart. (*)

In what situations are you mired in expectations?
What people are limited in your eyes by your expectations of them?

Take a moment to use the gift of focus to bring to your awareness just one of those people or situations. Maybe this is a coworker, a child, your spouse, or even our nation and the political climate. Maybe you are a leader at work and you have big, limiting expectations of members on your team. Immerse yourself in your expectations and feel the impact on you, and the future you vision if your expectations do – or don’t – come true.

Got it?

Now let yourself soften. Let go of the thoughts and desires that are limiting. Let go of what you think you know and open to something else. Settle into expectancy, abundant expectancy:

What is possible?
What other vision can you imagine?
What magic is present?
What is your part in co-creating with that magic?

What does abundant expectancy feel like?

(*) For a beautiful expression of abundant expectancy in song, check out “May My Heart Break” by Stowe Shockey

What is YOUR wisdom?