Multi-Dimensional Living Part II

Still with me? If you didn’t read the first tidbit on this topic, here you go!

Multi-Dimensional Living

This tidbit seeks to add just one idea.

How could belief in your multi-dimensional awareness impact your relationships?

I am working with this answer:

If I want to live in a way that lets me explore life from infinite perspectives, that has me acting like a child in one moment and receiving messages from spiritual beings the next …

If I want to deepen and expand my spiritual beliefs one day and the next day finds me fighting for time to exercise and clean my house …

Then I need to believe this for you also! You are navigating in a multi-dimensional reality. You and I might be on the same plane … and we might be in worlds far apart where any attempt at connection and communication is challenging at best, impossible at worst.

What is possible from here?

For me, what is possible is that I can easily choose compassion and understanding for you, acceptance and tolerance of our human disconnect, when I imagine us to be fellow travelers in a multi-dimensional Universal existence.

Again I ask, what about you?

What relationships in your life could benefit from multi-dimensional awareness?
What would acceptance, tolerance, compassion and understanding bring?
What idea works for you?

3 Replies to “Multi-Dimensional Living Part II”

  1. I find reading your Tidbits of Wisdom reminds me of the good things I took away from Lawrence….you being one of them.

    1. Lee, thank you. Good things, good people, and a good walk now and again. I trust you are continuing to treasure life, grandkids, and golf?

  2. Ah, something helpful for me to (re)consider today (along with doing some tapping) as I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated in an interpersonal situation (“why can’t they get it?!?” – kind of laughing even as I type that). Acceptance and tolerance for where another is at on their journey – it’s okay if I don’t understand. 🙂 Thanks, Jeanne!

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