Multi-Dimensional Living


I’m going out on a limb here to explore something with you. As with anything I write, take what you like and leave the rest. Take the bite that tastes good to you and chew on it. Notice any new flavors popping up in you and share them – please!

So, perhaps you have heard it suggested that we live in a many-dimensional universe – well beyond the three dimensions taught in school. You may have experienced the mystical realm either directly or perhaps as channeled through another human being. You may have received clear messages of past lives which inform you now. But if all of this sounds like hocus pocus to you, you might be ready to press the DELETE key and get rid of this message pronto!

If you’re still here, let me say that I’ve been on the side of DELETE IT NOW for decades. Life was a linear experience from birth to death. Skills and knowledge were meant to grow as I understood more and more about this thing called life. Answers came and questions were to become fewer and fewer. By death, I’d have it all figured out, right?

NOT! Experiences in recent years have me opening wide and embracing the idea that this human experience is about the questions, expansion, getting curious, and trusting the Universe to show me what’s next. On the topic of this multi-dimensional Universe, here are a few thoughts:

  • I can live from the ideas and beliefs that guided me as a child and during each major life phase along the way – I can “live in and from the past”
  • I can vision, daydream, imagine potential and use what I see to inform what I do now – I can “live the future”
  • I can choose to embrace the viewpoint of others who have walked the Earth (Jesus, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Pilgrims, Indians …) at any point in time and choose from that dimension, believe that my soul has been around before and let its experiences guide me now
  • I can be a very intentional human being here and now and put all of my attention on work, health, family, relationships … invest in this lifetime, this dimension
  • I can choose to believe in the existence of spiritual beings and seek out psychics or mediums to bring their guidance to me
  • I can focus deeply on my spiritual growth and release attachments to the physical in this lifetime
  • I can believe in the inner guidance of my intuition and focus on its development
  • I can …

And I can choose to be aware of and act from all of these perspectives, so many dimensions, here and now. I can believe that I live in a multi-dimensional Universe, a Universe of unlimited perspective and possibility. What do you think?

What potential lies in the acceptance of this concept?
What dimension would support you now?
And now?


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