My Invitation To You …

Talking with a dear friend and colleague recently about the challenge of choosing “what to do” from all the options available, I found myself saying things like: “Be with each activity. Does this one really light you up? Does it bring out the best in you? What would it be like to let it go?”  

And then it hit me! I love writing to you here and in the Tidbits of Wisdom blog from a space of pure openness and joy. I know that you receive guidance, inspiration, and confirmation of your path. I also know that many of you are wise enough to alter deeply your daily habits over the summer by taking a break from email and blog reading, by taking vacations, by simply watching the sun set over and over and over!

Taking a break, a sabbatical, a vacation is important. Getting out of routine and listening in different ways to Life renews us, heals, provides joy and inspiration of another sort. What I want for you and for me this summer is to experience freedom to choose alternatives, freedom to listen to our own inner nudgings, freedom to experience Life with our whole being – body, mind, emotion, spirit – whatever that means to each one of us. Yesterday, for me, that meant floating down the river on an inner tube with another dear friend and treasuring the sunlight and clouds, the sounds of the birds and the thunder, the conversation and the shared silence.

My commitment to Jeanne for the next two months is to take a sabbatical from blogging and to follow the nudgings for more time in nature, more deep noticing and mindfulness in each relationship, more allowing Life to unfold before me and less planning and projecting, less writing about life and more living the moments in this life. I will write to you each month here … but I will not intentionally create new blog posts in Tidbits of Wisdom. For those of you who will miss them, might I suggest:

  • Try writing your own wisdom! Yes – I mean that! If you had nothing to read but wanted inspiration, what would inspire you? Write it down and listen. Get yourself a new “summer journal” and begin your writing journey.
  • Use Inspiration Cards to guide your personal exploration and writing – order a set of cards for yourself and your friends so you can be with the cards AND away from the Internet
  • Check out old posts which you can choose by category or date
  • Check out some of my favorite books which you’ll find HERE
  • Check out my book, What’s Alive In Me Now? Time for the journey of your life!
  • Spend time with people connecting deeply. Consider the Women’s Circle as one option.

More than anything, I invite you to treasure life this summer and take great care of you!

What is YOUR wisdom?