Why take care of ourselves?

Recently a friend reminded me to take care of myself, that it was vitally important to take great care of myself. I quickly finished her sentence with:

“… or I’ll have nothing to give!”

My wise friend IMMEDIATELY jumped on me with:


And I started laughing as I heard the message in me at the same time. She continued:

“Take care of yourself because you’re worth it!”

Yes, when I practice awesome self care:

  • I usually have a lot to give
  • I am happier, healthier and delightful to be around
  • I usually want to be in service, to give, to do for others

Yet, the message here is: “To be in service isn’t why we should do awesome self-care”. We do it because we deserve to be treated that way, because we are valuable, lovable, living creatures. Do you know this for yourself?

Do you know that you are enough just because you are?
Do you know that you are deserving just because you are?
What would be different if you did?

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