While traveling awhile back, I decided that I would walk through the airport, singing, smiling, and attempting to make eye contact with those passing by. Very few folks, men and women alike, do so. Most are staring into the distance or into electronic gadgets or, in response to noticing my gaze, immediately turn away. I continue, a bit saddened by our lack of connection.

Then I sit. Waiting for my plane, I notice the eyes of a man gazing at me. And I immediately divert my own eyes. What is that about?

Embarrassed at my reaction, I know that it is prejudice, fear, the idea that a man (as opposed to a woman) could hurt me or have bad intentions.

I feel like a sitting duck. Yet, minutes ago, I was walking through the airport subjecting others to my gaze, knowing that I had only “good” intentions.

I must ask myself:

  • In what ways do I make others uncomfortable?
  • Is my behavior rude, rather than a gift?
  • What about my own prejudices?
  • What part is wisdom and safety?
  • What is simply unfair prejudice toward a fellow human being?

I am continuing on my journey. I commit to remaining aware of my inner judgments. I commit to question them and release all that is in me which prevents me from being one with you at the center of my being.

What is your intention?

What is YOUR wisdom?