Soul Journey

What do you believe about a greater purpose for your life? Do you believe there is something beyond this physical plane of body, mind, emotion? What is the life force, the spirit, the soul of you?

Today’s tidbit is an invitation to ponder that “something more”. Use your own language, your own beliefs, what works for you. For me, I am comfortable believing that there is a life force, a soul journey, using me to experience this world and make a difference. Maybe you simply know that you want to make a difference with your life and find the word “soul” disconcerting. It is all okay!

However you describe the “something more” in your life, consider checking in with it today:

What is the greater purpose of my “soul”?
What does my soul need from me today?
How do my plans contradict my soul’s plan?
What does my soul want me to experience today?

What is YOUR wisdom?