PS: Don’t let your plans control your life

Last time I wrote, I was cloud watching and decided that blinking and labeling could limit our experiences a lot! This morning, while sitting outside for the first time in weeks due to the extreme weather conditions, I almost added don't plan.

Don't plan? Okay, that isn't quite the message. But it came to me as I was aware of how spectacular the weather was and how FULL my calendar was. In particular, I'd planned to go to an indoor yoga class at 9:00. Now I haven't gone for a simple walk in my neighborhood in weeks because the weather has been stifling. Here I am sitting on my porch, witnessing a peaceful, cool, dry summer morning and sensing a need to hurry so I could get to yoga (followed by the rest of my full schedule!) on time.

What's wrong with this picture?

It took me a few minutes to realize that I had again wakened to my plans, the schedule, and was ready to do life. Missing was awareness of what was here now. Missing was being in my life. And a sadness fills me as I write that. I want to live the moments, be present to my life, not just do tasks.

How about you?

In what ways do you let plans control your life?
In what ways are you present to sacred moments?
Where are you a human doing?
How might you allow yourself to be a human being today?

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