(T) (L) (C) … ?

TLC. I think I learned that it means “Tender Loving Care”. Yes, that's it. And it is beautiful.

But today my focus was on the day ahead of me which includes a long drive to a family wedding. I began to look at what this includes:

  • two people proclaiming their commitment to love one another with all of us
  • lots of family members to engage with
  • a Catholic mass in a beautiful cathedral
  • a chance to hear our son play his cello
Truth is, part of me went down the path of hearing only LONG drive, lots of idle time, lots of people and “busy-ness”, a Catholic mass that I no longer choose to participate in, … All of that means a day I am not free to do “what I want to do” in my own space.

YIKES! The stories I could spin about the day were growing long! I decided to play the “What if …?” game with myself and I heard:

What if love is the answer?
What if I go with an open mind?
What if I drop all stories?
What if I hold no expectations?
What if I bring curiosity for it all?
What if I bring the love I am?

It was then that I remembered that this day, this event, the people and how they show up today, all of this is a once in a lifetime occurrence. It will never show up like this again. To quote myself (oh boy!) from recent Tidbits:

PS: Don't let your plans control your life 20 Jul 2012
Don't Blink, Don't Label! 8 Jul 2012

I don't need plans today. I don't need to label anything! And I certainly don't want to blink and miss an amazing opportunity to be with and share love!

So, I have an intention. I intend to move into this day with TLC:

(T)otally (L)oving (C)uriosity

That is it. I am love. I see love. I am curious and open to the gift that is present in each moment, beginning now.

In what ways will you let (T)otally (L)oving (C)uriosity lead your life today?

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