Put on your ROBE!

bathRobeWhat ROBE, you ask? The ROBE of intention for living this day or completing this task, the ROBE of your life.

Perhaps this sounds silly and unnecessary. “Really, now. I wake up, get out of bed, and get going with my day, don’t you?” Well, yes, if we are blessed with yet another day on this planet, each of us does that. Today’s tidbit asks you to consider how you take those first steps of your day or approach the next activity and invites you to “don your ROBE” in the process:

(R)elax (O)pen (B)elieve (E)nergize

First, Relax. Loosen the tight grip on plans or fear, anxiety or even, for the moment, excitement. Open. From your relaxed being, open to possibility, to what is present right now in your awareness. Review what lies in front of you and (re)commit to your engagement. Then, Believe. Feel the assurance of “Yes, I Can!” or “Yes, this is what I am meant to be part of today.” Finally, Energize it. Channel your energy into what lies ahead. Focus the gift of your life energy on whatever it is that you are choosing to participate in. Don your ROBE, then go! Don’t forget to pause and review the impact of your ROBE when you’re through.

How will your ROBE support you today?
What beauty does your ROBE reveal?

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