Come back!

Recently I wrote about practicing full presence in this activity or in this conversation. Especially when we are in relationship with another human being, whether that is a one-on-one connection or as a member of the audience at a speaking or performance event, the gift of full presence is kind, appropriate and energetically supportive. Do we give it 100% of the time? I for one, and, I suspect, most of us, cannot answer that in the affirmative. Even if it is our intention to be fully present in a given moment, it isn’t easy! Our minds wander into yesterday or tomorrow. Our body sends us messages and we stray into our own personal space of need. Our emotions act up with boredom or reactivity, and we follow their lead. When it is your intention to give full presence and you wander, I encourage you to learn the skill of coming back. You will need it!

Imagine you are in an auditorium filled with people and you’ve come to listen to a friend speak. You begin to stray …

  1. INTENTION: Notice the part of you that committed to being present, the voice inside that says, “Come back!”
  2. DISCERN: Now put yourself up there on that stage, experiencing your audience members drifting off. What do you need? Maybe you want to see a visual clue that folks are paying attention (smiles, sitting up straight…). Maybe you want to hear their reaction to your words (Yes! Ah ha!…)
  3. GIVE: Channel that to the speaker. Give your undivided attention, your presence.

Will you stray again? Probably! Can you come back … again? Of course! Know that you you can practice coming back everywhere – with your children, friends, coworkers, clients, even with yourself!

What is the impact of full presence?
What is “coming back” over and over worth?

What is YOUR wisdom?