Savasana at home

I am in awe … truly. Continuing the experiment of listening to the Universe and slowing down, I brought myself to an extended Savasana at home just now. I was fresh off a conference call where a woman described “supreme self-care” as listening to your intuition at all times and acting on it. Now I believe I practice pretty radical self-care already! Yet somehow, adding “listening” and “intuition” to the mix, was another universal pause for me.

I selected a CD of acoustic guitar music, one I'd never listened to start to finish, and noticed that it was 46 minutes in length. Definitely long enough, I thought, not knowing if I would remain in Savasana for the whole time. And here are today's reflections:

  • I was definitely restless for awhile, almost quit very early in the process.
  • I hung in, physical relaxation came, some of the inner energy awareness appeared.
  • Spent some time focusing on sending healing energy throughout my body, picturing that broken foot and a few other pains, healed.
  • My inner voice reminded me of my commitment on that phone call to “receiving” and I found myself picturing that I was lying outside surrounded by every creature imaginable (from worms, believe it or not, to lions and elephants and fish). Every one was there to serve me, gift me, and allow me to receive. And I also felt the presence of flowers and sunshine.
  • Then the ideas came – ideas I'd never had before for ways to experience more presence, ways to bring it to others. Creativity was flowing. And, truthfully, I wanted to get up and “record it” so as not to lose it! I reminded myself that what I needed to remember would be there when I was done.
  • And here is the most awe-inspiring piece for me. Just when I was ready to listen to that urge to move, return to present moment doing, get up, … truly in that very space of 10 seconds, the CD ended. I had been lying for 46 minutes!
And the gift of letting go of activity, listening, allowing intuition to have its way with me, had happened. If you know me at all, you know that sitting still is NOT my forte! Yet, I am here to share that there is power in it.

What do you hear when you pause long enough to listen within?

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