Savasana Day 3

Once again, though not with 100% ease, I laid in Savasana. This time, 30 minutes, in silence except for the ticking of the clock and the egg timer I'd set. My mind worked a bit … for awhile. And its activity led me to realize that I was not my mind. I was observing it as it was thinking.

Another thing I noticed was how my body reacted to my thought. My mind strayed to that broken toe and I imagined it getting hurt, breaking again. In that instant, my body cringed uncontrollably. The physical muscle memory was so strong in response to a mere thought.

[I must say that this experience of Savasana crossed over into my spiritual walk in a MAJOR way. If the notes here seem cryptic or crazy, then take what you like and leave the rest!]

Gradually, I found myself noticing my body as separate from me. I was aware of the space around it and aware that the body, itself, is more space than matter. I noticed other bodies and imagined the “selves” that occupied those bodies in the space – with me.

And this is when the awareness of our unity … our oneness in the greater reality of life … became real to me. This is a spiritual concept I've been around for a long while – even written songs about it:

The Web of Life lyrics and recording

Yet, I don't always sense it with my life. I don't always pause long enough to be aware of it! So I wonder:

What would we create together in this lifetime if we focused on the unity in the space?
What if we paused more often, long enough, to notice that the space is real?

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