Savasana – One Last Time

I'm ready to share one last time with you about my experience with Savasana. I began the experience after the freeing news from the doctor that I could walk on my foot and practice yoga! In other words, the situation that led me to the idea of “an hour of Savasana” is no longer constraining me. It is now my choice, 100%, whether to practice more resting pose, more meditation – or not! At the same time, it remains VITAL that I listen to my body with respect to the healing foot and not overdue activity as the ego might suggest to me.

So, what happened this time?

I was challenged to remain in resting pose for the 45 minutes I'd set the timer for. And I didn't! Despite a wonderful candle, fountain, and crystal bowl CD, my mind was a bit restless. The energy flow, the buzz, in my body came quite quickly and I was definitely at rest. But I got chilled and distracted and after 30 minutes and I decided to be done.

Now what?

Well, I believe that I have gained many things from this intentional slowing down, meditation, Savasana:

  • Letting the world go, turning down the ego
  • Improved sleep when the mind is more quiet before bed
  • Ability to “rest” in public and have it be 100% okay (I know I have the option to go to the yoga studio and, if my foot says stop – or even if it doesn't, I can rest!)
  • More confidence, peace, presence in my life
  • Belief that there is value in meditation, messages in the ether, connection beyond the physical body
as well as the other things I wrote about that need revisiting in the future.

I know some form of meditation will remain a regular part of my days. I don't know what or how it will evolve. And there is so much more for me to experience and to gain as I allow it. I hope you have found something to inspire you to a bit more rest, more resting pose, breathing, meditation, pause. Even if that something is just curiosity – that would be wonderful!

What would you experience if you paused a bit more today?
And tomorrow's today?
And the next?

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