Savasana and Presence

It is day 5. And while I almost convinced myself that I didn't have time and couldn't prove the benefit so maybe I should just stop now, I didn't stop. I followed through – one more time.

It happened like this. I received the gift of coaching from Danita at 9:00 and was pointed inward toward celebrating “jeanne”, being present with this being, just as she is present with others. Then I began my Pilates workout with a teleseries interview with Leonard Jacobson filling my ears. The conscious combination of presence with my physical body while hearing about the critical need to “be present” to life each and every moment was quite the setup for Savasana!

My 30 minute resting pose held two significant thoughts:

  • As the awareness of my body as energy returned, I began to focus that energy on the parts of my body that needed healing. And I wondered, “Is this how miracles of healing happen?” When all our energies are focused in one place, is the intensity so great that physical shift must happen?
  • Shortly after that, my concentration left me and I decided to leave the pose. I put my legs into the air as if to do “legs up the wall” without the wall. In less than a minute, my buzzer rang. Is my being learning what “enough” is?
I'm going to leave you to do your own exploration as you choose. And, I'd like to invite you into the series of free interviews that offered me the gift of presence this morning. You will find them at:

The Sacred Awakening Series

There are many recordings out there, each free to listen on-line or download. The one I listened to today is here:

Leonard Jacobson of The Conscious Living Foundation

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