See a need – fill it!

Lately, I have attended quite a few “networking” events with the intention of getting to know some of the awesome women in this community and letting them get to know me. What I have found is quite phenomenal! There are many groups which meet weekly or monthly, fill rooms with powerful leaders and invite sharing, learning, support and joy. While some of these groups have events that get us outside and moving, most involve food and drink and sitting.

Here's the deal. One quality of leadership is to see a need and fill it. In fact, someone did just that with each of these organizations. There was a need for connection, and a group formed. There was a need for information sharing, and speakers were brought in to the luncheons. There was a need for fun and fundraising, and the likes of golf outings were born.

Last week, a few of us saw a need for nature and physical activity, for self-care and wellness. We started with:

  • Why are all networking events 'sit-downs'?
  • Why doesn't someone organize a hike, a volleyball game, or bowling?
  • Couldn't we network and move at the same time?
And then came the cosmic 2-by-4 … Leadership is about seeing a need and filling it! And, most likely, if one person senses a need, it is “in the space” and shared by others. And so it is that:

For Women Only: Hike, Connect, Relax!

was born. I LOVE to move. I LOVE nature. And I recently found an amazing hiking trail a few miles from my home. Now this trail has been around for 5 years without my awareness. Just in case you don't know about it either … check it out!

To add to the fun, Tina Lyon, of Touching Tranquility, is offering a foot soak after the hike to the first 10 women who contact her. Add in further discussion around wellness, empowerment, and awesome self-care, and you've got an afternoon of wonderment.

Just in case you are not able to join us on the hike, do keep checking the event for daily messages about other self care options.

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