Signs Along The Way

Lately I've been keeping a journal where I record, at the end of each day, something I learned that day. Recently, the thing that keeps showing up is “Ask for help.” For a born and raised “do it yourself-er”, this is a lesson requiring much repetition!

Yesterday, I heard another message:

“Notice the signs along the way. Help is already here for you.”

Certainly not rocket science, right? Well, as I write, I need to set aside the ego's embarrassment over the simplicity of this message and share anyway – just in case one of you needs to hear it.

Yesterday, I organized a hike with a group of women. I was familiar with this very wooded area which had been dissected into about six trails. At each trail intersection, there is a color-coded trail map and signs pointing the way. I envisioned our group splitting up, following these maps, and meeting up happily after an hour or so – back at the starting point.

Here's the thing. During my previous hikes, I had experienced times of feeling lost between the signs and wanting to back track to check it out and ease my anxiety. Today was no different in that regard – until – someone pointed out the color-coded posts that lined the trails! Help had been there from day one yet I had missed it. (Okay, I was never a Girl Scout and I'd also missed the lesson on trail building!)

It makes me wonder how often I am unaware, or perhaps even closed to seeing, the help already present in my life. What am I missing because I have invisible blinders on? What do I refuse to see, sense, feel, or know because it doesn't fit my picture of “the way things are”?

Today I invite you into a deeper noticing of the signs along your way:

What answer “right in front of you” are you blind to?
What message “right here, right now” are you deaf to?
What physical or emotional signs in your body do you refuse to acknowledge?

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