Silent Souls …


Have you ever noticed folks going through the motions of life, perhaps complaining about how mundane, boring, meaningless or hard it is? Perhaps you see lots of action, lots of doing what is expected, seemingly without choice or individuality.

How about you? Do you go through the motions each day, refusing to be your unique, one-of-a-kind, intentional and soulful self?

Today, dare to be different, dare to be you. Dare to inquire of your own soul just who she is, just what he wants to express in this lifetime. Dare to move in your life as you, freely expressing your creativity, your soul’s desire. Do this as a loving act toward yourself!

Notice that there is no need to harm another in this self-expression. In fact, the more you claim YOU, the more you’ll inspire others to claim themselves, to express freely, to love the passionate, purposeful, amazing individuals that they are.

What soul silence will you break today?

What is YOUR wisdom?