Sphere of Influence

Helplessness doesn’t help anyone. Yet many of us feel helpless in the face of all that our world needs. Everywhere we turn, there is pain, devastation, fear, confusion.

How can I have any impact on the vast need I see?
What is mine to do?

Today, more than anything else, dare to trust that your actions, however large or small they seem, will have an impact. You may not ever know just how your kind words, generosity or helping hand touched another. You likely will not ever know how the life you touched directly was rendered more able to touch positively the next person on their path.

Your sphere of influence is invisible and larger than you know.

The next time you wonder how you are meant to meet the needs around you, rather than remaining overwhelmed or confused, act. Speak a kind word. Offer a helping hand. Leave a quarter on the parking meter for the next person. And, take care of yourself! Yes, even your powerful self-care has impact. Someone is watching and needs you to model self-love and inspire them to their own self-honoring.

What is yours to do today?
Whose life will be unknowingly transformed by yours?

What is YOUR wisdom?