Take The Client Where They Are

Where are you client?
What’s alive for you now?
Do you know?
Are you ready
to go where you are?

Just for the moment
tomorrow can wait.
Clear your mind
and be free
of the steps you will take.

Time to go deeper,
explore, and be with
that’s blocking
life’s greatest of gifts.

For all that has happened
in days long ago
has left
its own place
in your being you know.

But see it and claim it
and fear not its bite,
stuff leftover
loosens and
feels not so tight.

Continue the journey.
As deeper you go
you’ll find
buried treasure
is waiting below.

Stop now and pause.
Ask a question and trust
that wisdom
and guidance
will rise from the dust.

Listen and be with
direction you hear.
And if
you are moved
you may shed a few tears.

For this very moment
when patient you are
will reveal
to your senses
your own guiding star —

a light deep within you
that won’t let you down.
This truth
in your being
need only be found,

consulted and trusted
when challenge is great.
Follow it
back to the
task of the day

and celebrate knowing
that you’re on your way!
and freer
and ready to play!

Your courage to go
to this place where you are
will surely
reap treasures
and you will go far!

What is YOUR wisdom?