The Garden of God’s Love

A flower one, a fruit another, a tree so strong and tall.
God’s seeds have grown in many shapes and sizes one and all.
Yet how our lives are intertwined, your shade my comfort true.
My blossom colorful and sweet brings joy when you feel blue.

In this garden of God’s Love, sharp thorns will also grow.
Why among the beauty such great pain for some to know?
Forget you not the truth that’s buried in the thorns of life:
Gifts abundant shower all who know Christ through the strife.

Yes, in the garden there is One whose Love each soul does bless.
And as we recognize this gift, our neighbor we caress.
In pain and strife, in joy and peace, we know that we are one.
We grow in God’s rich garden side by side till life is done.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2003

What is YOUR wisdom?