That “Glow”

It has been almost two weeks since I returned from Scotland. I’ve been asked often about the trip – and as often: “Is the glow still with you?” The glow, the feelings, the learning, the intentions that I brought back from that powerful experience, “Are they still with me?”

Well, I have watched them be present and be forgotten. And I have brought them back into my awareness. Yes, they are still with me. This trip was a huge confirmation of my path at this stage in my life, a confirmation that I have worked hard,done so much, and “get to”:

  • be even more present now to my spiritual journey and the spiritual evolution of humanity on this planet
  • be fully present to my family, to Jamie and to the boys and their growing families

What about you? Whether you’ve been on a trip or in some other way found yourself deeply committed to your life path or to a powerful shift, what is happening with your “glow”? What will keep your intention front and center? Consider:

  • sharing your intention with trusted others and inviting them to ask you about it periodically
  • setting aside a daily or weekly time to review your commitment and check in with how you are doing
  • planning actions that you will take which invite you beyond your comfort zone and into the shift, your glowing commitment
  • vision the impact of this choice three months, six months, one year, ┬áten years from now, write about it or in some way out-picture the impact, then mark your calendar on those dates with a reminder to review your vision

Yes, we can keep the glow alive! And, we don’t need to do it alone but we do need to take action.

What will you do TODAY?

What is YOUR wisdom?