The Conspiring Universe

I am writing today on an impulse. Early today, I sent a short midweek coaching tidbit to clients:

Our body is a powerful source of information, an ever-ready guide to support the decisions we make and the way we move in the world. Through our five physical senses and emotions, as well as through the energetic impulses and intuitive nudges we often ignore, our beings are ever trying to help us.

Today, gift yourself with some intentional pauses. Close your eyes. Release your thoughts. Relax into your body. And notice. Notice the energy vibrating in your limbs, organs, cells. Notice impulses. Notice the life within. Ask your body:

What message do you have for me?

Okay. So I asked clients to pause a few times today – intentionally. And, I do like to “practice what I preach”. As I was driving away from a morning yoga practice, I remembered this intention and thought:

What can I use as a pause reminder today?

At that moment, the light turned red. So did the next one. And the next! It wasn't until the 6th or 7th red light in a row that I made the connection! Dense? Slow? Finally I heard the Universe suggesting that traffic signals could be a reminder to pause – especially the red ones! I agreed to accept this as a touchstone for my day.

Here's the kicker. The next six or so traffic signals – every one of them that I encountered on my way to destination next – were green!

Yes I'm telling the truth! As I continue my study of intuition and paying attention to intuitive impulses, messages everywhere, I can't help but see this as the perfect universal nudge.

So today, consider pausing and listening to your body's messages. Consider also tuning into the Universe and ask:

What message is here now?

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