Time Is An Illusion

I've got two ideas merging within me today. First, an old saying: “One step backward equals two steps forward” that continues to come to me so I must need it! Another from last night thanks to Paul Rademacher, Executive Director of The Monroe Institute is this, “Time is an illusion.” This morning, I want to explore with you how these are impacting me in order to ground the learning in my being. I hope that you will join the conversation and share your thoughts as well!

Several times over the past two years, I have experienced challenges in my physical being. I've pulled this or that muscle, gotten this or that out of joint, even broken a foot! Each time, I've heard the words of my yoga teacher, Suzy Weyenberg of Empower Yoga, “One step backward equals two steps forward in yoga.” Her message is this – if, in a pose, you lose your breath, ease out a bit, take a step back, and restore your grounding in the breath. I must say that she probably shares this wisdom in every class! Do I listen?

Often, I don't. Often I return to the wisdom I learned as a child: “Try harder. Go for the goal. Don't stop.” What happens is that I cause more damage, try harder, cause more damage, try harder … until I can't. The broken foot, while I had help doing it, seemed to be a message from the Universe: “Jeanne, it is time to stop for real!

How does last night's message, “Time is an illusion”, fit in?

What is my trying harder all about? Why keep pushing? Why refuse to rest? The simple answer is fear. I'll lose out on something if I don't keep going. And I need that something now! If I miss this opportunity, it will never come around again. If I stop stretching my body, it will get stiff and I'll feel old. If I go backwards, I'll lose the desire for forward movement. If I step out of the ring, I won't be able to return.

Heard enough yet? I have!

But what if time is an illusion? What if I could perceive today's actions in the context of my entire life? After 52 plus years on this planet, one day is about .005% of my life! One week, .036%. And even one month is only .158%.

And what if I made choices today from the context of universal oneness where everything is always present, where there is no past and no future, where there is only the eternal now?

What does this mean to me? It means that my choices impact everyone, everywhere. They are the result of all choices past and impact all choices future. In one sense, today's choices are so very miniscule! In another sense, this choice impacts everything!

  • What is the wisdom of this moment?
  • What is here now if I stop evaluating it in relationship to yesterday and tomorrow?
  • What if taking one step backward is like a “do over” and I leap frog beyond the miss-step in the replay?
  • What if the “do over” reveals a door I didn't see the first time and a whole new dimension is revealed?
What if time is an illusion?
What if I stop making decisions based on a perceived shortage of time?
What if I paused long enough to receive the gift of now?
What if I live my life as a gift to all that was, is, and is yet to be?

Join the conversation! What do you know?
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What is YOUR wisdom?