The “Goal”

I am yet in my “morning space” which, delightfully today, is outside. I selected a coaching card to guide me. This isn’t something I do often, but today it felt right. Oh boy! Do you have times when your own words come back to haunt you? I do! The card I chose is this one:

The Next Chapter

I was thinking a bit about its question (click on the card for the questions), What do you want to discover? And I realize that in my life journey I want to discover more meaning, more ease and joy, more fulfillment. Okay! Then I notice the next question:

What if discovery is the goal?

And it hit me hard! If discovery is the goal, then life is about opening to more, to change, to ever being in the new and the unknown.

What is your relationship with the unknown? I have spent a lot of time and energy seeking stability, practices that work, skill, … in other words, seeking to live in “the known”.

Today, I choose to play with the discovery of meaning, ease, joy and fulfillment in the journey itself! I ask you:

What if discovery is your goal?
What if the unknown was filled with ease and delight and joy?
What is possible from here?

What is YOUR wisdom?