The Greatest Gift

Recently I wrote about giving and receiving:

The Circle of Giving … and Receiving!

Both are so very important.  Today I share a perspective on giving and would love to hear your thoughts:

The greatest gift I can give another human being is a pointer to their own self-love, self-acceptance, self-trust, self-honoring, self-respect. There is no gift, no object, no anything short of you expanding your love of you that has as much impact, value and longevity.

When I trust and respect myself enough to be responsible for my well-being and my impact, I am free to love, to let you be you, to expand into my full expression. When I instead look to others for assurance that I am okay, when I expect you to take care of me, when I refuse to be responsible for the only person in the world that I am 100% responsible for, then we all lose.

The greatest gift I can offer you is a gentle mirror that shows you the beauty that you are.

Who needs you to be a mirror today?


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