Hummingbirds return …


You have likely read about my hummingbird obsession before:

One With All Creation

This week they have returned for the season. Again they touch me deeply. I take my first cup of coffee outside around 5:30 am and invite them, “I’m here. You can come now.” Today, it took perhaps 15 seconds before the first visitor arrived on the feeder.

The gift came when I was about to journal some thoughts on how “not enough” I am, how disappointed I was in my own behavior of the morning. I looked up and saw my bird friend sitting atop the feeder, wings at his side, still. [I just looked again now and, no kidding, he is again sitting, still, in that same location. I have never before seen a hummingbird in that spot!] The message?

“Jeanne, pause. Be still. You are so enough just as you are.”

Do you know what? So are you! Pause. Be still. Take in a deep breath. Let yourself cherish you for a few moments.

What is YOUR wisdom?