The Lost Art of Being

This morning, I lit candles, poured coffee, sat down, got out my journal and began to write.  I became aware that the environment said, “notice me”, while my actions were too busy to take it in.

So I stopped. Took in a deep breath. Then another.

I almost went back to writing. Somehow just being present to the moment, the space, was a big challenge.

What happens when you stop and be?

When I finally allowed myself to breathe and observe and be, just be, I noticed an underlying judgment:

I am wasting precious time.

Bam! That old tape is still there. Now I don’t really believe that anymore. But I obviously have a ways to go in the practice of BE first, DO from BEING!

Setting the judgement aside, I returned to just being and began to notice what was around me.  I noticed the many people who have blessed my life and whose gifts are here in this room. Just being allowed me to feel their presence. Tears of connection and appreciation filled me. My heart swelled. Wasting time? I think not.

What about you? What happens when you:

  • stop, breathe and be present to what is?
  • stop, breathe and really be with the person in front of you?
  • stop, breathe and fully immerse your attention in “just this”?

What will happen when the lost art of being returns?


What is YOUR wisdom?