The Unfolding Unknowable

The unfolding future is unknowable. Ours is to prepare our consciousness to meet it from openness, curiosity and awe. ~ Jeanne

How does that sit with you?
Does it ring true?
What does it bring up in you?

There was a time I really believed that I could plan just about anything and accomplish it by following my plan. The future was known because I was designing it. At that time, I wasn’t very open to what wasn’t in the plan; I wasn’t very curious because I already knew what was going to happen. And awe? Well, there really wasn’t time to let the beauty and wonder of life have that kind of impact on me!

Tama Kieves, in her book, A Year Without Fear, writes:

Someone wants answers, before they take a step. Yet it’s in taking some steps that the answers come. Take one step toward your desire and you will have a new vantage point, new information, new questions, new muscles and new energy.

Today, I prefer to let the future be a precious and powerful unknown. I prepare myself by staying in the present moment, open to the unexpected. When my discomfort with uncertainty shows up, I ask for help, write about it, and find the courage to take one step forward.

Where is your plan limiting you?
How might you open to the unexpected today?

What is YOUR wisdom?