You’ve Changed!

Recently, I wrote about metamorphosis – about changing from the inside out on this journey called life. Today I add this:

What about our relationships? If we are truly evolving within, changing how we think and feel and see the world around us, then our actions – how we express ourselves – are going to change. At some point, if we don’t tell them first, others will notice. Among family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances:

  • Some will celebrate our metamorphosis
  • Some will abandon us
  • Some will remain blind to our changes, caught up in themselves
  • Some will be like the caterpillar and be incredulous, having no idea that we are meant to change

The questions you and I must ask ourselves include:

Is my metamorphosis worth more than this relationship?
Am I willing to lose the relationship in order to continue on my path?
Will I forego my expansion in order to stay in this relationship?
Do I value the relationship enough to be patient as my partner expands in order to embrace who I am becoming?

Every relationship we have with those who are willing to stay, and especially with those willing to expand as needed in order to continue to walk beside us, is a tremendous gift! Cherish it. Invest in it. Know that your metamorphosis is changing the world around you.

What about the other relationships?
What about colleagues, family, neighbors who we cannot
or choose not to walk away from?

You may need to spend less time with these persons. And most importantly, when you are with them, the Golden Rule can be very powerful:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Practice acceptance and love. Honor the choices they are making for themselves just as you are honoring your own. Be your best self: present, grounded, calm. You’ll know you have succeeded when you can walk away and feel good about yourself.

Metamorphosis is guaranteed to impact our relationships – they will change! We get to decide how.

How will your metamorphosis impact your relationships?

What is YOUR wisdom?