The Value of Intention …

Intention … Vision … Dream … the future that you see in your mind and heart and soul and move toward with every cell in your body.

What do you vision?
What dream is in your heart?

Today’s message is especially for those of you who have struggled with the idea of vision or had dreams that you gave up on and have since stopped dreaming. The first piece of the message is:

Don’t stop dreaming!

But choose your dreams carefully and then add to your dream statement:

This dream — or something better!

Always stay open. Rather than seeing your dream or vision as specific and detailed, think of it as an intention or energy toward which, and in which, you move. In your daily choices, ask:

Does this activity align with my dream?
Is this relationship supportive of my vision?
Is this thing I will purchase part of the future I desire?

Even (or especially!) the thoughts you ponder and the words you speak, these too are VERY powerful!

Is this idea, this thought stream, aligned with my vision?

If you can answer “Yes!” to the questions above, then your dream or vision is a valuable intention that is guiding you. Your journey will undoubtedly twist and turn and you will have choices to make. Keep choosing in alignment with your intention and surprises will be delightful!

Will your dream be fulfilled?

Most likely as “This, or something better!”

What is YOUR wisdom?