The Reset

Recently, I wrote about the power of dreams, visions or intentions for our life:

The Value of Intention

This message is for those days or weeks, months or years, when we forget or lose sight of our dreams, when we have stopped choosing in service of our vision and find ourselves mired in the muck.

It is never too late for The Reset!

What is it? The reset is simply a pause to come back to ourselves. It can be executed anytime, anywhere, any day in any way. The reset is a fresh start; it is the message to, “Begin again!” The reset includes:

  • Stop (action, thoughts, “spinning”)
  • Release judgment (there is NO place for this now!)
  • Remember (personal truth, wholeness, intention, vision)
  • Imagine possible steps toward your vision
  • Choose a step and take it

That’s it. The reset requires that you step outside the box that has you trapped and get back in touch with who you really are. So often, all it takes is just one step toward personal truth, just one step in service of our vision, to get us back on track.

What needs a reset now?
What are you waiting for?

What is YOUR wisdom?