There Are No Sacred Cows


I want to share with you a simple tool that came to me this morning and brought me tremendous freedom. I woke after a fitful night of sleep to a day filled with appointments. My mind raced with thoughts like:

Should I cancel that one?
I can’t possibly skip that!
There’s just too much.
Blah, blah, blah.

Somehow, I managed to pause long enough for a breath deep enough to hear a whisper from my heart:

There are no sacred cows, Jeanne

In that instant, I knew that I could choose. Any of the five appointments in this day could be cancelled or rescheduled or happen without my attendance. Yes, all of them! I am not indispensable. I can let go, trust that others will understand, take care of Jeanne.

What happened? I decided to release one option in tomorrow and move one option from today into that slot. I agreed to decide later if I would do my usual noon exercise. Then I moved into the day. Most importantly, I moved into it free, light, at choice, able and willing to BE in each remaining activity 100%.

What are you holding as a sacred cow?
What can you release in order to come fully present now?

2 Replies to “There Are No Sacred Cows”

  1. Love this. (And the term “sacred cow” brings me a bit of a giggle – the phrase sticks with you!) Thank you for the reminder that I am not (and no one is, truly) indispensable.

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