Be here now …


Not a new idea … certainly not. Yet, most of us need reminding. Me? I need to be reminded every day – multiple times per day!

This is the only moment we have.
This moment.
This breath.

Be here. Be with the task in front of you, the person you are with. Be here.

Does this mean we don’t plan for the future?

No. Visioning the future and making plans is definitely part of co-creating our lives! Co-creating, however, requires that we release the tight grip on those plans and live fully the current moment.


Have you noticed how quickly things change? The weather can go from sunshine to lightning in an instant – totally transforming the landscape and, if you are wise, the round of golf you thought you would play today! Think about technology – how our children don’t even know what a cassette tape or typewriter of rotary phone is! By the time the future arrives, our choices about how to be in that future moment may have changed so dramatically that any plans we set in motion last year, last month, even last week may be irrelevant or even unwise.

The only moment we have to live is this one. And this one. And this one. If we spend each moment planning for tomorrow, we just might miss our lives. As I’ve been writing this with the thought of you reading it “in the future”, I have paused frequently to look up. And in those pauses, I’ve witnessed several hummingbird visits to the feeder. Each visit lasts only seconds. Without the pauses, I would have missed so much!

Today, consider adding a bit of balance to your day. Set aside some time for planning, considering what you’d like to do, where you’d like to go, what lies ahead. Then, return to now. Breathe into the moment you are living now, the task you are doing now. Balance action and forward movement with pausing to listen, to become aware of what is happening in and around you now. Notice what shows up when your mind takes a break.

What magic is revealed in your pauses?
What is really here NOW?

What is YOUR wisdom?