Unlimited Vacation

Perhaps you’ve heard of the handful number of companies in the US offering unlimited vacation to their employees (read more here). The piece that caught my interest was the fact that Americans, on average, take only 60% of the vacation days given to them!

Does that concern YOU?

Here’s the thing. When I think of vacation, I think: time away to recharge, rest, restore play, see the world from another perspective.

Yet we don’t.

We stay busy. We try harder. We stay in the hamster wheel or on the rat race. And we complain about all the work we have to do!

Until we don’t.

That’s right. Until we (and “we” equals “me” and “you”) choose differently. Until we choose to stop and breathe. Until we choose to love ourselves enough to rest. Until we choose to let go of the fear that’s holding us stuck in the never ending cycle of work and dare to step away from the action. Our European friends know how to do this. Every other time I speak with one of them they are either planning for the next holiday, returning from the last holiday, or unable to talk to me because they are on a holiday! Okay, only a MINOR exaggeration there.

I leave you with a dare. Dare to respond to these questions for yourself and dare to take action on your answers:

What am I afraid of?
What if I don’t vacate my work place?
What might I experience if I do?

Make It Happen!

What is YOUR wisdom?