Vacation … and self-care


It has been 10 days since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been away visiting family, blessed by their love and the smiles of an almost two month old. I experienced nature in ways I could never get at home. I vacationed from many of the usual activities of my days: writing, coaching, making music, connecting with friends.

Yet I chose not to vacation from daily inspiration, meditation and great self-care.

What was the impact?

Freedom. I was free to be fully in the experiences while I was away. Leaving behind responsibilities and self-expectations created an openness of spirit to be present to new and different. Continuing self-care and honoring my body and spirit meant that I felt well and could truly be present to the awe and magic and love which flowed in my days.

What aspects of vacation belong in every day?

It would seem that being “fully in the experiences of life, open to what shows up” is something that would be very valuable every day, not just while on vacation. So I ask:

What is “openness of spirit” in responsibility?
What habits block your openness?

What allows you to be fully open and present?
Now what?

What is YOUR wisdom?